Laboratorio Paravicini in Milan: ceramics, passion and time

Laboratorio Paravicini produces ceramic objects with the quality and charm of past times, resisting the modern idea that time flies faster and faster, and everything must be made as quickly as possible.

The Milanese workshop opened in the 1990s to bring back to people’s homes and lives decorative items with the warmth and “Sunday slowness” that industrial porcelain could never evoke.

Benedetta Medici and Costanza Paravicini decorate plates, coffee sets, party favors, ashtrays, candelabra, vases and much more – all by hand or with digital serigraphy. They use a particular technique that guarantees a toxin-free, indelible design.

What makes their production even more special is the passion they put in their work. Passion that vanquishes any possible rush, as they explained in a past interview: “[In our work,] time is never as important as the desired result.”

Quality is their real goal, and they reach it every day, with the slow pace of passion.

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Laboratorio Paravicini in Milan: ceramics, passion and time

Via Nerino, 8
+39 02 72021006
+39 333 7041292


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