Have a Nice Trip: total quality for craft beer

The Have a Nice Trip microbrewery in Carmagnola – twenty-five kilometers south of Turin – makes four types of beer. That’s right, only four have made it past their stringent selection.

“Our philosophy,” the owners explain, “has always been to limit the number of brews in order to guarantee excellent products. We think we have reached a good level at this point, but still find room for improvement…”

When was Have a Nice Trip born?
In 2011. It all started with three friends who ventured to implement an open business model – basing everything on a totally genuine product and as few intermediaries as possible – that could form partnerships with other companies and other Piedmontese and Italian producers. Our original plan was for us to work mostly in resale, opening bars and stores under the “Trip” brand. That was how our journey began. At some point along the way, the care for detail and passion for “good and wholesome” products – like our unfiltered, re-fermented beer – took over…

Your ideal product is not only good and wholesome, but also eco-friendly.
That’s true. We use recyclable materials for almost everything: packaging, kegs, cutlery and plates… We have also successfully introduced re-fermentation in disposable kegs (KeyKegs) thanks to manufacturers’ direct support. All of the ingredients and packaging materials we use are verified and assigned an identification code upon delivery, so we can always track every element that goes into our products up to the moment our bottles are displayed on a store shelf or a client taps one of our kegs.

This probably makes your work quite complicated.
Yes, it does, but it also gives us great satisfaction. Especially when we can see how happy our clients are: that is when we have confirmation that we have done the right thing all along, and that all of our efforts and investments are paying off.

What kind of response have you had from the Italian market?
Luckily, Italians are becoming increasingly interested in beer culture and have a growing understanding of craft brews. Obviously, when we say “craft” we mean they are made in an artisanal way, carefully selecting ingredients, caring for details, and always researching ways to improve the production process. Our method could never be implemented on an industrial scale, and unfortunately this has an impact on our costs and the prices we can set – although the difference in quality becomes clear at first taste.  The current crisis is not helping us, our field, or the economy in general…

What are your sales goals? Do they include the foreign market at all?
Our first goal is to boost the distribution of our products in Piedmont and in Italy, through the support of other entrepreneurs in our field. But we cannot rule out an international launch as well.

Have a Nice Trip: total quality for craft beer

Carmagnola (To)
Via Castellero, 6/A
+39 011 9711984


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